Stuff I like

Bookmarks, perhaps.

The Evolution of Trust A bit depressing really.

butdoesitfloat More arts stuff. I could get lost in there. Very relaxing. Screensaver worthy.

Windmaedchen 2D Animation. Illustration. Game Design. Artist. Sister.

50 Watts Book design & illustration.

Ubu Web Avant-garde, ethnopoetics and outsider art.

Translation Party 翻訳パーティー。 Huh, what?

Ukiyo-e Heroes Woodblock prints. Japanese style.

Street Art Utopia I’m running out. Of things to say.

PEP 20 The Zen of Python. Should apply to everything.

Regex Crossword Nerd crossword. Happy procrastinating.

Foul-o-Matic Insult, swear & curse word generator.

Ascii Street View Real-h3 Ascii Art. Somebody fix this plx!

Ballard vs Jarry Considered as an even website race.

Word Tree Wordtree of Faustroll Ha Ha.

Origami Origami crease patterns by Robert Lang.

Fractal Machine Fractals. Beautiful.

Koalas to the max! MinimalKoala

Algorythmics Algorithms and Music.

Gif-iti Gifs. Grafiti.