17 June 2022

Currently, I am ...

...pottering around, fixing servers, preparing for a long overdue holiday in Norway (first time going abroad in years), learning Korean, fiddeling with pandoc conversions, or taking pictures of plants in our garden.

I'm generally obsessed with magic squares and developing software to generate and visualise them (see and source code) together with my husband Dave.

Teaching is currently on hold due to the pandemic. I miss it, but my mind and body are elsewhere at the moment. And as much as I love the Internet - I do not want to teach exclusively online without proper support.

Some of my time is spent on Ecovisum energy tracking software, where I help out with CouchDB, Python code, API integration, and general data modelling and server stuff.

I don't really do social media, but I have profiles on GitHub, CodePen, and Keybase. Check out my portfolio.

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